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The Future Is Somewhere.

2017-08-13 23:04:54 by YouOutToast

I am.
I are.
I make things.


2011-01-28 16:12:53 by YouOutToast

Decided to just leave this account as You Out Toast and took all my solo stuff off. If I find any old recordings or we make any new songs I will post themz.


Y.O.T. = Dead

2010-10-25 01:57:29 by YouOutToast

The band no longer exists, however I will be using this profile to upload some of my solo stuff. I'll leave the old songs up for anyone that likes them, but as far as I know we will no longer be creating any new stuff. Keep it real or keep it veil.

-Love, Adam.

Your Gay

2010-09-27 01:11:49 by YouOutToast

New song in the works. We wrote it an hour ago, we're gonna jam it out and record it tomorrow. Hopefully have it up and rocking soon. Peace out!

Keep it real

Your Gay


2010-09-19 00:17:18 by YouOutToast

Ever just sit at your computer naked, pondering life's toughest questions?

Do horses sniff glue? If so, is it considered cannibalism?

Do paraplegics get restless legs syndrome?

French fries or porcupines?



2010-09-19 00:03:49 by YouOutToast

How exactly does one get thousands of downloads on a song that only has 100 votes?

We are on a bit of a hiatus while our lives are being hectic. Work, college, moving, drama, ect.

I don't know when we'll get back into the swing of things, but I promise that when we do there is going to be sweet, sweet music to be had.

Until next time! Keep on keeping it on.
- Adam

P.S. Music rules! Gay music sucks. (Gay music = Popular music)

Doubtful That anybody cares, BUT...


2010-07-18 23:15:29 by YouOutToast



Better Background

2010-06-20 18:53:19 by YouOutToast

I decided it looked better like this:

Better Background

We're currently working on some ep demo stuff whenever we're not being lazy... I have no idea how long it will take but hopefully by the end of the summer we'll have some legit disks.

Also I was bored so I made this:

Random Background I photoshoped